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Happy Wheel is an interesting and challenging video game that was created by Fancy Force. This game is famous not only for its interesting gameplay but also its bloody graphics and endless user-generated content.

Although the game has a spoof and bloody way, the gameplay is relatively simple. The player chooses the driver and then rushes forward regardless of the consequences.

You will experience many funny and a bit ridiculous results, although the process is a bit bloody. Scroll down to learn more about the reasons why this game has become more and more popular.

About Happy Wheels Game

What is Happy Wheels?

Happy Wheels is a popular action role-playing game where players can choose different characters to drive different modes of transportation. This game was created by Fancy Force and designer by Jim Bonacci in 2010.

The game is also famous for its user generated levels. Users can design their own game levels and let other players try out. More than 20.000 levels have been created since Happy Wheels Game was released.

Users create various interesting game content to challenge others by a spoof and bloody way. The content is built according to your user’s own preference, with a variety of levels and characters.


Happy Wheels offers several characters for players to choose from, who have their own unique transportation, such as Wheelchair GuySegway guy, Irresponsible Dad, etc.

Characters in Happy Wheels Unblocked-88kgames

Characters in Happy Wheels Game - 88kgames

In Happy Wheels Game you get to control a character in his/her unique vehicle, such as wheelchair, bicycle, wheelbarrow, Segway, etc.

On the journey to reach the finish line, you will have to drive through easy-to-extreme challenges. Despite being infinitely injured, you must finish your task to overcome the obstacles, which will easily break your vehicle, your body, legs, hands, and so on.

You will encounter very bloody scenes as you progress. This game is not 3D, but the images look pretty awful.

However, for those who are not very fond of the sight of blood, you can control how blood will look in graphical options.

Control particles in Happy Wheels Unblocked - 88kgames

Control particles in Happy Wheels Unblocked Games - 88kgames

Happy Wheels Unblocked

If you are interested in a little bit of schadenfreude or even sadism, this is definitely the great action game made for you.

However, for those who are worry about blocking issue, there is an unblocked demo version available on our site that will not make you disappointed.

With our site, Happy Wheels game is not blocked anymore. Now you can enjoy this addictive game even when you are at school or workplace, which usually block the content of such games!

How to Play

Control Keys:

  • Use Up/Down arrow to accelerate/decelerate
  • Use right arrow to lean forward, left arrow to lean back.
  • Press SPACE to perform primary action.
  • Shift & Control to perform secondary actions.
  • Press Z to eject vehicles.
  • To switch camera, press C.

Control Keys in Happy Wheels - 88kgames

Control Keys in Happy Wheels Unblocked Games - 88kgames

Tips and Tricks

  • Expanding the window to full screen allows you to embrace a better experience
  • Be fearless, pay no mind to consequences and carry on until the character is unable to move.
  • There are more ways to go but if you wish to meet bigger challenges, try the route full of obstacles!


Pewdiepie Happy Wheels

Pewdiepie plays happy wheels and the end, never underestimate the game happy wheels 88kgames 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

How to grab/hold?

Press Space to grab things. There are some levels that requires you to grab things such as rope, stuff, etc to overcome the obstacles.

How to get happy wheels unblocked games?

On this site, we offer you a demo version unblocked of this game. Play full version on total jerkface (Page will play audio when loaded) .

What is happy wheels rated?

After winning a level in the game, the is a pop up box for user to rate the level from 1 to 5 stars basing on your preference for it. However, you must login to vote.

Vote in Happy Wheels Unblocked-88kgames

Vote in Happy Wheels Unblocked - 88kgames

How to get happy wheels game on android?

For those who want to play the game on Android devices, you can download the app Puffin Web Browser first. This browser highly supports many gaming sites.

How to make a level?

From main menu, select “LEVEL EDITOR”.

How to walk?

The upper is driving forward and the lower is driving backwards. The left is the rear gravity control and the right is the left gravity control.

How to throw?

There are some users who design their game using things such as flying knives, sword throwing, tormenting villains.

To grab things like flying knife, use space and use the arrow keys to throw it. To torture the villain, use the arrow keys.

How to make happy wheels unblocked games full screen?

Click on the Full Screen button appearing on the screen or simply press F11 to enjoy the game with its full view.

Full screen Button in Happy Wheels Unblocked - 88kgames

Full screen Button in Happy Wheels Unblocked Games - 88kgames

How to play at school?

Just open the gaming site, which supports unblocked version of Happy Wheels and enjoy!

How to get happy wheels game for free?

This ragdoll physics-based platform browser game is totally for free, regardless of the demo or full version. Of course, the official version has so many more features!

How to make a car/vehicle?

Unfix everything before you put down blocks. There are three basic shapes to choose: rectangle, circle and triangle shape. You can adjust the width, height and rotation of the shape. Choose “interactive” as properties of the object.

Use the basic shape to make the car’s body part before making its wheels with basically two circle shapes.

To make the joints between the wheels and the car, select the joint icon in editor menu, then select enable motor. Fill a number in motor speed, which indicates how fast it will go at your given speed.

Click on the Mouse icon on editor menu. Select the group of object you have made and select “set as vehicle”.

How to make a ball throw?

Use space to grab a ball and arrow keys to throw it to the direction you want.

How to record?

Select “menu” on the left bottom of the screen and click on “save replay” to save you replay. However, you must be logged in to save it. Login or register for free up there on the right.

Writer: Greg McLeod

√ An indie game developer with more than ten years of experience in game's field.
√ CEO & Founder at McLeodGaming Inc.
√ The main developer of Super Smash Flash, Super Smash Flash 2, etc.

Writer Greg McLeod - Happy wheels unblocked - 88kgames

With lively graphics and sound, intuitive operation and wonderful visual effects, playing Happy Wheels on browser is the best choice you can have. Among those sites, 88kgame.com is one of the best site to enjoy this incredible game.

Besides, the site totally supports unblocked version of Happy Wheels Game. Come to out site and have great hours of enjoyment with Happy Wheels Unblocked!



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